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Starting in 2019, I’m posting a series of connected short stories and flash fiction called Paramusicology. These stories are set at the crossroads of music and the paranormal, starring music journalist Nikki McGraw.



Short story, four parts.

Music journalist Nikki McGraw is sent to Vegas to interview Elvis impersonators, but finds a dangerous new world when she’s in the wrong place at the wrong time and a vampire tries to make a snack of her. Now she’s on a road trip with a vampire hunting Elvis impersonator who’s searching for revenge and redemption.

Round Midnight

Flash fiction, one part.

Nikki explores the haunting echoes left behind from the 1950s jazz scene in a gentrified coffee shop.

3 AM Eternal

Short story, five parts.

Nikki gets a look at more of the supernatural world and realizes she’s hooked on the spook as much as she is on music.

In The Pines

Novella, 12 parts.

Murder ballads. Family secrets. A haunted banjo. A ghost who demands…Nikki’s not sure what. But she’s been asked for help, and she can’t walk away, no matter how dangerous it gets.



Here are links to some older flash fiction and short stories.

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