New book – DISRUPTOR


Squee, new book! I got tired of waiting for Hollywood to give me the female superhero stories I wanted, so I wrote my own.




Runaway. Experiment. Superhero?

The streets were the safest place for Dani, until the night she was caught by traffickers who sold her to a laboratory. She survived five years of experiments: biotech implants, gene therapy, and other things she could barely comprehend. The pain, though, that she understood. The lab pushed her body past its limits, drove her mind to its darkest corners, but somehow her spirit remained unbroken. She escaped, and sought refuge on the streets once again. But this time she doesn’t run away from cries for help. Now, she runs toward them.

Playboy. Dilettante. Sidekick?

Kevin Moynihan is the youngest son of Point Sable’s most wealthy and storied family. A permanent fixture in the society pages, he’s known for his good looks, his charm, and his aversion to an honest day’s work. His life is a whirlwind of fast women, faster cars, all night parties and endless champagne – until his latest drunk and disorderly charge lands him a stint doing community service in the roughest part of town. The part of town where someone is always screaming for help.

A chance meeting will bring two unlikely people together – first as reluctant allies, then friends, and finally partners.

Read the first chapter here.

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New release and sale!

HOODOO WOMAN, the third and never before published book in the Roxie Mathis series, is now out.

HW2 190x285

Storm magic – wild, unpredictable, and guaranteed to turn the world upside down. Roxie Mathis is stronger than ever now that she’s learned to call thunder and lightning and she’s rebuilding her life. But her lover Blake doesn’t trust her new supernatural assistant or the untamed magic she now practices. Roxie will have to decide between making him happy or being true to herself.

To complicate things further, her old love Ray Travis asks her to come home. A dead girl is haunting the entire town and the only way to bring the spirit to peace is to solve her murder. With her vampire ancestor along for the ride, Roxie bites the bullet and decides to face her past. Caught in a web of secrets and magic, going home could kill Roxie – or set her free.

You can read the first chapter here and purchase the book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, and Smashwords.

RM sale

To celebrate the release of Hoodoo Woman, all three Roxie books are on sale for .99 through June 1st. Buy links can be found on each book’s page here on my site: Mojo Queen, Red House, and Hoodoo Woman.