On this Martin Luther King Day, it’s easy to feel like there’s not much to celebrate with regard to race relations here in the U.S., or equality in general. Like progress has been lost, and that we’re going backward as a society. I do believe some progress has been lost, and that there are pockets of our society trying very hard to move us all backward. If American history teaches us anything, it’s that the our motto might as well be “one step forward, two steps back.” But we do take those forward steps. Progress can’t be stopped, not completely, not for long. It’s a runaway train, because humanity demands it be so. Since our inception, Americans have fought over who counts and who gets left behind. More and more of those who would be left behind refuse to stay that way. They – we – insist on standing up, having our voices heard, and being counted, fully, as equal citizens. As human beings. When I think about that, about how the new Congress is the most diverse in our nation’s history, about all those voices that won’t be silenced, who insist “this is our country, too” – I think maybe there’s still room for hope. For change.