I am ridiculously excited for this.

The history of American music is the history of America. Immigration, geography, economics, race and class and religion – it’s all tied together in our music. Even something as seemingly simple as the Sears Roebuck catalog was hugely important to rural America because it allowed people to buy cheap guitars which was probably the most important ingredient thrown into the cauldron of American music. Preserving this part of our history is so important and I really think that studying it can shed some light on the technological upheaval we’re going through now. Amazon is the current version of the old Sears catalog and the internet is surely the wildest thing since border radio and I need to stop now because I am seriously nerding out, LOL.

One of the reasons I decided to start blogging again was so I could finally untangle some of my long-held thoughts about music. It’s kind of a mish-mash in my head and I’ve never really given myself the chance to make it all coherent. Plus I figured since I’ll never get that musicology degree of my dreams, I might as well blog about music, heh. Some of the posts will be short, some will be a rush of emotion (like this one), and some will eventually be longer reads as I have the time. For instance, there’s several ideas in my initial thoughts about American Epic that I’d like to unpack further.

Music won’t be the only topic on the blog but it will be the main one. I’m thisclose to starting a new book, so occasionally I’ll post excerpts, too.